Dec 08 2012

Prevention of Cross Contamination in Modern Temporary Tattooing

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The Presentation Of TheThe tattoo has grown exponentially over the past few years, in many ways, such as, but not limited to, the acceptance of the public, it is the talent level of artists and the visual vocabulary.In the midst of a rapid expansion of this topic cross-contamination (CC) has to be taken very seriously. This article is intended for artists who might not be up to speed on the preventive measures, called Universal precautions. It is also intended to guide to inform potential customers, what to look for in a tattoo shop, tattoo, which follows the appropriate CC preventive measures.This article is about the minimum measures or Universal precautions that all tattoo artists should be followed.What is cross-contamination?When you touch one of the target, which is the bacteria, viruses, spores and other germs on our hands have picked up these germs and now contaminated. Contamination occurs when we transfer these bacteria is another item by touching it.In the area of infectious organisms, there are many tattoo that the artist needs to concern themselves with, including Hepatitus, HIV and MRSA. These are serious diseases and precautions need to be taken seriously as well.Preventive measuresBasic Universal precaution measures require the placement of a barrier to any bodily fluids and objects, which are used for tattooing procedure.These objects would be things like power supplies, clip cords, tattoo machines, spray or squeeze bottles, chairs or armrests massage tables and countertops and surfaces used in the work area.If an artist needs to answer the phone or touch an object, which is not normally used during the tattooing process gloves should be removed, discarded, and replaced with a fresh pair of gloves before a tattoo will continue.Once the tattoo is complete, all of the non-proliferation of (plastic) in the areas of employment, good tattoo temporary machines, etc. carefully be removed and destroyed and all surfaces must be wiped with a disinfectant antimicrobial activity by setting the way the product is turned on.

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