Dec 17 2012

Koi Fish Temporary Tattoos – Tattoo Design That Symbolize Strength and Perseverance

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Koi fish tattoos are more common in men than in women, because they are presented as tats, tattoos sleeve or back. Are more masculine symbol as it was celebrated by the boys ‘ Day Festival in Japan and were used to represent the perseverance and courage.Koi Fish tattoos have long been a favorite because of the symbolic meaning of the leads. His message depends on how is the ink on the body. If tattooed with running water, koi will symbolize the courage and ability to overcome life’s challenges and difficulties. When koi is swimming upstream in a tattoo, can be used to indicate that the person is still struggling with their problem, if it means that the further a person already overcome difficulties in life. The symbolism attached to koi fish usually are derived from myths, legends and stories of ancient Japan. They are all based on the principle that the Act, or in a pond or natural. China, on the other hand, have a very particular interpretation of the Koi Fish in General, as for them, it is the symbol of earthly aspirations and advancement. It is based on a legend in China, that if they had succeeded in climbing the waterfall at the point of berths called Dragon Gate on the Yellow would be transformed into a dragon.Koi Fish temporary tattoo tribal are commonly signed in a detailed and complicated way on large areas of the body, to celebrate a colorful and vivid colors with this creation. They can also be seen with a tattoo of environments, such as water and bamboo and can be combined with others, such as cherry and Lotus Flower designs.

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