Dec 18 2012

Aztec Temporary Tattoo Designs, Should You Get One?

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There is something very striking about Aztec tattoo.It’s a bold line work, its symmetry, the free use of colour, striking images, and the use of animals for two-dimensional format.You will see a lot of these pictures decorated the bodies this summer. The beauty is that they fit well in most parts of the body. They can be very complex or less, which allows the customer to go to different-sized design. They can be filled with color, or left in dark colors.It pays to know a little history of the Aztecs and their tattoos before you make a decision as to whether or not this is a tattoo for you.The Aztecs were a tribe who lived between 13. and 16. century and its surroundings, which is now in Mexico. Religion played a large part of his life (as in most cultures back then).They had specific reasons for their tattoos. They saw their ink as an important part of the respect their gods and their way of life. Tattoos are created by all kinds of ceremonies, rituals, and sacrifices.Many of the Aztec tattoo designs picture revolved the Sun. The Sun was a big deal to the Aztecs. They believe the Sun God, Huitzilpochtili, was up there in heaven guarding the sky, ready to take the fallen Aztec Warriors of life after death. Many temporary tattoos eagle are created in honor of him.Another common symbol is the Eagle. It meant power, courage and strength. Needless to say the Aztec warriors were dressed up in Eagles, to show their social status in the tribe, and a lot of achievements.Htakse Quetzalcoatl Feathered Serpent, who is known as the God of weather, fertility and creativity designs on this topic are often very important, because they formed strong links with the Aztec culture.The Aztecs were tattooed for a very early to show her rise through the ranks of the tribe. From children to the status of warrior ink told stories about their views and accomplishments. If they were lucky enough to survive the harsh lifestyle and vanadusp?evadeni and the “senior” status of their bodies would tell stories about his adventures.This particular style of tattoo is well suited for bigger, bolder works of art.Smaller, individual designs may also be linked to very easily created with large sleeves, or a portion of the back.Bold thick line work and limited color will also mean that the tattoo is aging over time as well.

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