Dec 24 2012

Are Temporary Tattoo Removal Creams Safe?

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Tattoo removal creams are priced most accessible products are available in the category of tattoo removal options. This is one of the main reasons these creams are so good for the removal of tattoos. In comparison with other alternatives, tattoo creams are easier to achieve, and are cheap compared with laser tattoo removal.Many of these tattoo removal creams contain a substance called hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is the active ingredient found in many skin bleaching. Some skin whitening products are now repackaged as tattoo removal products without changing the ingredients.Hydroquinone is an inhibitor of melanin. This means that prevents the skin from the person With melatonin-a substance that gives skin color. The use of hydroquinone decreases the color of skin.Hydroquinone is also used in skin creams, water and various skin related gels lighten freckles, acne scars and old stains. It is also used in photographic developing solutions. Many dermatologists believe that it is safe and effective when used as a topical cream, and to prescribe freely. But the potential health risks of the substances in question are certain health and safety professionals.The opinion of the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) is that hydroquinone may potentially cause cancer. In addition to concerns about the carcinogen, it’s also a trend associated with the skin disorder called ochronosis. This condition is limited to the site of application. This causes fade colors or hyperpigmentace. This color change may fade slightly after cessation of use, but it is usually a permanent status. The skin will usually darken and zahustit.Studies show that ochronosis is known to occur when hydroquinone is used at a concentration of 4% or more. Over the counter creams remove tattoo temporary sport usually have a concentration of 2% or less. When present in two percent hydroquinone, it’s over the counter, and then about three percent and four percent it’s a prescription.The fact that this ingredient is used in a small percentage, it is a successful and safe is probably the reason for the difference in opinion between officials found health.Products with Hydroquinone are already banned in Japan, France and many other countries. The prohibition of this folder and the products which have these folders is expected in the States, and in a good time. In 2006, the FDA proposed ban on Hydroquinone. As can be expected with a federal regulation, the final decision has not been made.If you have concerns about the possible consequences of the use of tattoo removal cream with hydroquinone studies components of any product you are thinking about using. In addition, the hydroquinone interactions with other medicines you can take, so make sure to talk with your doctor before you invest in any tattoo removal creams. It is better to be safe than sorry later.

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