Dec 25 2012

Small Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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This is a beautiful pattern of very small spider temporary tattoos for girls hips. As you can see, it’s a tattoo of a bird carrying a small branch, which is typically clamped what bird, while collecting materials builds its nest. It is also a little red heart on top of the bird’s head, which I think is some sort of a symbol of love. Perhaps it is a young girl from college age or so, and recently left their homes for the first time, and in this way to build their own nest, flew by like a little bird. So the small tattoo.Download the award-winning Tattoo of course he did not do so at the same time DesignsAnd continues to be a lot of love in the heart of the old life, and the new life that lay before her.Who knows about all this symbolism. Although it is often interesting to get tired too, because I think this girl is maybe I got this tattoo because he wanted a Tatto, and wanted to keep a small tattoo just in case he didn’t t really love him. And then I said, oh I think the birds are cute, and how about a little red heart there too. That’s really all there is to it s in most cases people. It’s been my experience that people are placing a larger and deeper meanings in your own tattoo over the years, and not nearly as much as when you first get them.

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