Dec 27 2012

The Temporary Tattoo Cover Up

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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You might like this wonderful tattoo he had signed on your skin, but now I could create unforeseen problems. Possibly, the tattoo is seen as an indication that you are unfit to advance their work. Like it or not, there are people who think that there is anything negative about my tattoos, and those same people may be an obstacle for your personal progress and the achievement of its objectives. Then, what to do with that tattoo?This tattoo you like both are getting a lot of negative attention in certain situations. And don’t realize or want to deal with the negativity of others. A tattoo may not be suitable in your workplace, attending social events, and during this job interview. And what about your own wedding? In addition to taking care of your own tattoo, perhaps even enjoy watching your bridesmaids with their fake flower tattoo on his shoulders. Or your best man with a bracelet charms for ink. But I also think we adorn our bodies the way they want. However, sometimes the tattoo is a problem.The presence of your tattoo can really be a problem. You don’t want your tattoo removed, yet to be invisible at the moment. There is this solution that is instant. And is that to cover up.There is an excel excellent product on the market called “Tattoo Camo”, that is specially formulated to mask all tattoos. Highly concentrated paste comes in a number of different tones and can mix to match every skin color. Is resistant to water and sweat test. Some people use it to hide stretch marks, acne and even scars.The use of “Camo Tattoo” will provide a quick fix for the moment. For you who wants to keep your tattoo, this is the perfect solution for the workplace, their marriage, the interview or any situation where it is not appropriate or desired. Tattoo Camo products do not affect the tattoo in any way.You just hide your tattoo and the end of the day, you just need to clean the pasta. Your tattoo will be the same as before.

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