Jan 08 2013

Does Religion Prohibit Temporary Tattoos?

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Some religion has certain beliefs in terms of having tattoos. The submissive in any way show some forms of discrimination against those with tattoos. They interpret some text of Scripture that those with tattoos are related to something wrong or sneaky. This particular case is still to ascertain, but for believers who have made their perceptions that tattoos have negative connotations.Another group of Christians suggest that those with tattoos are showing some form of pagan practice. Although only having a tattoo is not often the result of not believing in a God, but people with limited perspective is based on this art form as an expression of paganism. Also, consider tattoos as a way of violating his own body, the home of a superior being. For them, the body must be respected and should not be smeared with unnecessary and permanent markings. However, for fans of tattoos, just appreciate it as art and form of expression of their personality. The validity of this issue so-called religious tattoos can elicit some kind of debate and discussion, but as we can see now, these special prints are very popular especially with the younger generations.Regardless of religion, the meaning of tattoos is based on a person’s intentions. As art, tattoo is a means of expression of feelings, personality, moods, ideologies, intense admiration for a person, a place, or a thing, or simply any message or an idea you want to convey. Can be perceived as positive and constructive even from the religious sector unless conveys meanings or blasphemous writings that go against their teachings and beliefs. In addition, if the drawings contain obscene messages and heretic then there will be a clash in any religious belief.And any demonstration of these said temporary ankle tattoos especially to religious functions and places will surely be banned. Like all art forms, if screened well and done with the right intent then there will be disagreement with religion or other beliefs. Similarly, you can still get a fashionable and trendy you wanted without any conflicts with religious groups or even non-religious.

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