Jan 12 2013

Koi Sleeve Temporary Tattoo Designs – History

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Koi Fish Tattoo-These kind of fish is a big surprise for the western part of the world. The word “Koi”, is Japanese for carp. Many ancient myths surround these awesome fish of the Asian Hemisphere. Commonly known as the colourful fish that are often found in public pools, including the colors here are: white, yellow, gold and orange. It has been known for great copies that have brought rates to a half-million dollar range from private collectors all over the world. However, the Koi is more than just a fish with beautiful colors, it is also one of the most popular and prominent Japanese fake diy tattoos symbols around. Although Koi is Chinese in origin, are Koi celebrated in Japan more than ever today.It is said to climb waterfalls in a courageous and honest way. Now, if it happens to get caught, it is said that it will remain inactive on the cutting board knife without waiting for a bit of a shake, similar to a samurai (Warrior) to his doom from a sword.This idea dates back to ancient times in China, where a certain legend tells how a Koi who won the battle of climbing to the top of the waterfall (called Dragon Gate) would turn into a dragon. Support this legend, it then became a symbol of aspiration and advancement worldwide. Finally came the Koi to be associated with so many masculine and positive qualities that were designated for the annual Boys ‘ Day Festival in Japan which today, are colorful Koi flags displayed for each child in the family.

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