Jan 15 2013

Temporary Tattoo Care Instructions – Very Important Tips For Tattoo Aftercare You May Not Have Been Told

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A good tattoo aftercare is very important in the first weeks after receipt of your new ink. Here are some very important tattoo care tips you might not have been told.You’ve probably spent a lot of time looking for and finally choosing the perfect tattoo and want it to last. You probably also want to keep vivid colors the hair for as long as possible and there is a good chance that you want everything you can do to the chances of getting an infection. Here is what you should do.First, we must say that this is not intended to provide medical advice on the proper tattoo aftercare, is merely offered as information.1. Not rebandage your new tattoo. You want to take a breath, so the wound healing will take place faster.2. Dip your new tattoo in water for at least three weeks. That means no swimming, no surfing, no soaking in the bath, not sitting in a spa. You can take a shower. If the tattoo Gets a little wet from over spray, you can’t help but do not let it you can wash your new tattoo too wet. with a mild soap and cold water. The first time you will want to gently wash with a washcloth. Then use your fingers to gently wash your new tattoo. During the healing process you accessories tattoo dabbing with a soft dry towel, not rubbing it dry.3. after washing your new tattoo bring a thin layer of moisturizer or healing ointment. Popular brands that work well are: A & D ointment, Neosporin, and Bacitracin zinc.4. use your new tattoo should not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least a month. Use your new tattoo not expose to Sun studio lights for at least a month. Once your tattoo is healed properly you should always cover it with a sunscreen. A sunscreen product with a SFP factor of at least 30 is recommended.5. If a crust forms during the healing process not to get at the heal and clear off-.6.For the next 7-10 days you need to keep your tattoo moist with a non-odor lotion or moisturizer product. Your tattoo artist will be a recommendation. Just be sure to re-install the cream to keep several times during the day. By keeping moist not only will it help heal faster it will minimize the itch.7. If the tattoo heals it will itch. Try to keep from itching. The affixing of a moisturizer will help. You can also store, but not itchy the tattoo.You can take a look here for more information about the proper tattoo aftercare.

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