Jan 18 2013

Chinese Temporary Tattoo Idea – The Yin and the Yang

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YiMei Waterproof black temporary tattoos, dragon totem

Everything can be described with both yin and yang. They are always together in order to keep the balance, as Chinese philosophy thought of. the concept of yin and yang describe how opposing forces are interdependent and interconnected in the natural world. If the yin, Yang also appears. They are tied together and are always equal.Yin and yang can not be described as yin and yang themselves without any reference from the other. They are created in a single motion together. Yin and yang are balanced and in a dynamic equilibrium. They are dependent on each other, so one cannot exist without the other as light can’t exist without dark.Yin and yang symbol, also known as Taijitu, is often described as a circle with two colors. The white represents the yin, and the black represents the yang. Yin is characterized as slow, small, soft, diffuse, wet, cold and calm. It is generally associated with the night, generation and birth and with the feminine. On the other hand, is yang fast, hard, dry, solid, aggressive, focused and warm. It is always associated with masculinity and daytime.Yin and yang as a extreme fake tattoos design can be a symbol of equality. In Chinese culture is dualiteter as day and night, light and dark, male and female, and low and high are regarded as yin and yang. There is evidence that one cannot exist without the other. Elements of the symbol for Yin and Yang serves as a reminder that there are always traces of one by the other, which is what they always say that in every dark, light is always displayed.Yin may be a symbol of women and yang for men. They are together on the Earth, because we cannot survive without the other.As a tattoo design, yin and yang is a very good idea to put balance and equality between women and men. It can also symbolize the two genders in the Earth, and very important for the balance of nature. Yin and yang shows that they cannot be separated out male and female on Earth

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