Feb 10 2013

The Pain of a Temporary Tattoo – The Art of Blocking it Out

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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Tattoo pain varies depending on the people, places, and sometimes artist. Some people really enjoy the sensation, and this could be caused by higher levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a pain blocker which can cause a feeling of euphoria. This chemical reaction can cause painful tattoo removal. Then there are some of us who don’t have a high tolerance for pain and the pain of the tattoo can be more intense. Then there is the highly sensitive parts of the body. These areas include the wrist, the inside of the arm, ribs, spine, shins, hands, butt, and legs all areas that some say is more painful for tattoo.Here are some techniques that can help reduce the pain of the tattoo. One thing that has helped me through my tattoos temporary lower back is I found a place on the walls of tattoo shop may be a good picture, or in the case of stains my deer head shop. I then just focus on the place and think about running around in the forest with the forest creatures or other things. Finally by doing this I found that I go to an almost meditative, and I forget that I even get inked.Another thing that a lot of people do is they listen to music as they get tattoos. This goes back to the whole focus on something other than the pain of the tattoo. Listen to soothing music and it will make you more relaxed during the process is sometimes long. As for the artist, I find the more famous artist of the better they are in has a soft hand. I made the mistake to go down to an artist with an iron fist and despite the tattoos look great pain is unbearable at times. The artists I used to know knew exactly how much pressure to use and ink remains the same as those that dig deeply.All in all a nice tattoo and many people enjoy the ritual.I’m one of those people that I loved the sights, smells, sounds, and people in tattoo shops. Others want a tattoo but could not handle the pain. Hopefully, this technique can be used to at least help you through the rough spots of Your tattoo. On one final note, I heard people say that taking a break can help you through the process of tattooing let me tell you don’t take a break unless you’re going to faint. Break only makes the pain much longer is better for getting a tattoo over and done with. When you take a break it just make more areas and soft tattoo process less painful.

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