Feb 26 2013

Effects of Weight Gain and Weight Loss on Your Temporary Tattoo

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People don’t often think about how weight gain or weight loss will affect the tattoo in the future. They don’t think about what will happen to tattoo over a long-term period, they are more concerned about having a tattoo. Among some of the frequently asked questions about the tattoo is “what will happen to the tattoo, if I gain or lose weight, it is stretched or shrivel?” The second question that arises is “what will happen to the structure and color of the tattoo, if I gain or lose weight, so the color fade?” The answers to these particular questions are obviously Yes, temp personalized tattoos can be long, and fade in color, shrivel; they all depend on where the tattoo is placed and how much as a change in your body’s been.The only areas where tattoos can be forced stretching, shrinking, or color is the skin beneath the surface, legs, hands, feet, ankles, arms, shoulder blades, behind the ears, and below the Bikini area. Weight loss and weight gain affects even small parts of the tattoo, or around 5-12 pounds reduction doesn’t matter so much, but really a lot for 20 body tattoo. One of my friends is on her baby’s photo in the middle of her back tattoo, but due to the continuous fluctuations in your weight over a period of one year, she developed the line of her tattoo. A few lines of thought rather than a curvy right angle of the tattoo. Apparently the only reason for this was the weight loss about 50 pounds, which was the cause of this disorder. In addition, she gained some weight, but the elevated skin was there for some time. So the tattoo was a continuous procedure to stretch and shrivel.Confident and thoughtful man always thinks of weight problems before getting tattoos done. Some people think that people with excess weight requires more time healing tattoos. It certainly is not a true statement. The healing process of a tattoo can vary from person to person.Some people can only feel a little itch and scab, but others may experience itching and kraup together. One to four weeks time usually need a tattoo healing process. Healing procedures have nothing to do with weight problems.You should sit down with your artist and ask for the best body parts to get a tattoo. It is recommended that never get a tattoo done by a body part that has stretch marks. Now the question arises, why is it not advisable to get a tattoo on your skin with stretch marks to cover them? The natural response that comes is when the tattoo ink is applied to the skin, stretch marks, it leaves very splotchy effects on skin. Ink finally penetrating the skin, which makes the skin look distorted.

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